Access & Entrance Control Solutions

Key Management system:

The master key to handle all your keys

It is one-of-a-kind simple yet efficient security system to keep all your keys safe. Along with securing your keys, it prevents unauthorized access and guards all keys against theft or misplacement.

How does the Key Management System work?

Access to Authorized Personnel's only.

Each key is attached to a smart-key (or Key Fob) which is individually identified and locked, allowing only authorized access. This is done using an RFID card or unique PIN codes or a combination of both. The LCD display meticulously traces every activity of the Key Management System and the electronic controllers grant authorized access only. After each key transaction a record log is maintained using time stamp.

Vigiguard flap barriers:

Ensuring security and crowd management at the entrance in areas with high pedestrian flow is a challenging task. To make this difficult task easier, Godrej Security Solutions presents VigiGuard Flap Barrier.

Designed for pedestrian entrance control, it helps to control and secure access, allowing only one person through at a time.