CCTV Monitoring and Surveillance

At tekCurve, we know that security is a vital feature of any organization. CCTV Monitoring offers advantages for employees, clients, partners and customers. When a video surveillance system is in place, you can rest assured that your property is being monitored.

As a business leader, you want to protect your property and ensure that both people and assets are safe. Video surveillance systems not only prevent theft and intruders, but they allow you to monitor the daily happenings in case of an emergency. Video surveillance is a basic safety feature that provides an affordable safety measure. In addition to the practical security improvements, video surveillance offers you peace of mind.

All usage of CCTV other than in a purely domestic context must be undertaken in compliance with the requirements of data protection legislation. As CCTV infringes the privacy of the persons captured in the images there must be a genuine reason for installing such a system. If installing such a system, it is required that the purpose for its use be displayed in a prominent position.

Employers may use CCTV to monitor the workplace for various reasons. If CCTV is installed in a workplace, the employer should use signage to inform employees of the location of the cameras and to explain the purpose for which they are installed.


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