Fire & Alarm Detection Solutions

Fire alarm and detection systems are an essential component of building and facility safety. That's why the Intelligent Fire Control Panels (IFCs) by TekCurve are designed with modularity and ease of system planning in mind. Whether your facility requires a stand-alone system, a medium-to-large system or a large integrated network, TekCurve's fire alarm solutions are flexible enough to thrive.

Our Intelligent Fire Controllers can integrate with TekCurve Metasys Building Management System, and provide you with a seamless connection between your fire-safety and building controls systems. Ultimately, this provides you with far greater control over the performance and safety of your building.

Why Work With tekCurve?
  • We serve 30% of Fortune 1000 companies and are responsible for advanced security solutions in over one billion square feet of commercially leased property
  • Our robust security management platform is built on an open, standards-based protocol, enabling countless integrations for future expandability
  • We're both global and local, so our incredibly robust systems have hundreds of local offices available to support your customer service requirements
  • Our unique network of technology partners enables us to provide the most comprehensive security and fire solutions in the industry.