Basic Info:
  • Model NO.: XDK-E8604T
  • Type: Epon Optical Line Terminal
  • Wiring Devices: Optical Cable.
  • Port: 4 Pon Port
  • Distance: up to 20km
  • Dba: Support
  • Point to Multi Point: Yes
  • Transmission Speed: Downstream: 1.25GPS, Upstream: 1.25GPS
  • Management: User Friendly Gui Management
  • ONU Capacity: 256 Onus Maximum
  • Qos: Support
  • Vllan: Support
  • Access Control List: Support
Product Description

High-Performance Cabinet OLT----- E8604T Introduction E8604T complies with IEEE 802.3ah and P.R.C intercommunication standard, YD/T 1475-2006, supports CTC20/2.1, automatically discovers and cooperates with ONUs of different manufacturers. E8604T OLT supports the symmetric uplink/downlink 1.25Gbps PON transmission rate, efficient bandwidth usage and Ethernet services, helping carriers to provide reliable services to their users. Its coupling ratio, 1:64, and its support of different hybrid ONU networks minimize the carrier's investment. E8604T has strong functions and QoS guarantee, and supports SLA and DBA.

Main Advantages E8604T is an optical network device series that is suitable for the current market; One E8604T supports up to four EPON systems, so it has the following advantages: EPON: E8604T supports IEEE802.3ah and PRC Community Industry Standard (YD/T 1475-2006).

System's capacity: The modularized PON card of E8604T can support one to four EPON systems simultaneously, up to 256 ONUs and the 1/64 coupling ratio.

Uplink interface: Its flexible design supports various MAN interface type groups. The optical ports or the electrical ports are selected according to network conditions. Device size: A 1U device occupies a little space and consumes little power, decreasing the function cost of the services.

Protecting the bus optical fiber: E8604T supports that the link can be automatically switched to protect the optical fiber when trouble occurs in the optical fiber. It is highly reliable and powered by two power sources.

Main Characteristics

It adopts the point-to-multipoint network topology, effectively collects separate Ethernet services and aggregates them on the MAN node. It connects the upper-layer devices through the GE interface and can be connected to the existing network smoothly. The Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation (DBA) mechanism enables all users to share the 1Gbps bandwidth reasonably, guaranteeing a reliable QoS.

The Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP) enables the redundant interconnection between OLT and backbone network. They support the IGMP multicast and efficiently utilize the bandwidth. They support the multicast VLAN. It supports the broadcast of IPTV, voice and data simultaneously. It has rich OAM functions such as configuration, alarm, performance monitoring, trouble isolation and security management. At the same time, it supports the CLI/GUI management, which is easy to use.


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