Operating System

Windows 7 Migration

The impact of Windows 7 is inevitable for organization's desktop strategy. As Microsoft Windows XP operating system is nearing its end of life, it is critical for organization's to start plan Windows 7 migration sooner than later.

Hybrid IT Management

Hybrid enterprise environment is a reality. Today, enterprises have the option to choose more than one cloud solution depending on their business and application requirements. Also, supporting multiple legacy hardware, operating systems and customized applications calls for a hybrid solution.

Private Cloud

tekCurve's Virtualization and Private Cloud Services – Based on Microsoft's Data Center Services Framework With more and more organizations looking to reduce costs and increase the agility of their IT infrastructure, evaluating a move to the cloud is inevitable.

Integrated Service Management – Your Competitive Edge

Businesses today face an uncertain market environment than ever before. Increasing levels of competition globally, rapid technology advancement, increasing demands from customers and the market entry of new players mean that enterprises now face radically different business models.

The Windows 7 Powered Workplace Transformation

Business today, regardless of its size, is heavily dependent on technology. Needless to say, workplace productivity today is a function of the ease of new technology adoption. The scale of change introduced in Windows 7 includes a completely new kernel compared to XP, a number of new security measures and rules that will result in over 70% applications being incompatible.