Vehicle Tracking System

tekCurve starts with the most accurate data about your fleet's unsafe driving because we "read" behind-the-wheel behavior up to 60 times more often than other systems do. But we don’t stop there. We boil it down to help you improve safety — and reduce your costs and risks.

  • Real-time alerts. When your drivers do unsafe things in company vehicles, you'll know. And they'll know you know. Because tekCurve sends immediate, automatic alerts whenever driving behavior exceeds limits you specify. Right from day one, driving begins to improve.
  • Safety scorecards. You and your people also gain insight from seeing patterns of driving behavior. For these, we provide safety scorecards: summaries of behind the wheel behavior monitored over a period of time. tekCurve scorecards offer each driver an overall safety score plus specifics on how the individual driver can further improve.
  • Training and retraining. tekCurve alerts and scorecards provide evidence-based guidance for safety training and, when necessary, retraining to help ensure a safer fleet. There's no guesswork. Recommendations are based strictly on the facts.
  • Incentives and more. As driving improvements occur, tekCurve's there with optional incentives, recognition programs and tekCurve Rewards. These help you lock in safety gains that measurably contribute to your bottom line.

tekCurve GPS vehicle tracking technology can be one of the most cost-effective means for managing and reducing unnecessary engine idle time, saving fuel costs, extending the life of vehicles, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Only tekCurve gives you crucial - and actionable-idling information other systems don’t. tekCurve also sends alerts to dispatch and drivers notifying them when they exceed predetermined speed limits, providing immediate feedback to encourage them to drive slow.